DLS carries the full line of Daritech manure separators.

DT360 – The internally fed DT360 solid/liquid manure separator with an automated external spray bar is an all stainless steel unit built with long-lasting, self-cleaning, trouble-free operation. The automated spray bar can be configured for any timing sequence, allowing for ongoing cleaning of the screens with minimal labour.

DTX – The DTX manure separator is an all stainless steel unit built to withstand any adverse conditions. It’s ideal for any scrape manure operation, no matter the bedding material. The DTX operation is not affected by changes in manure consistency or flow rate. It’s adaptable to multiple types of roller presses, and we also offer a smaller version known as the DTX 24.

DT Roller Press – DLS offers a variety of roller press options to fit your dairy’s press needs, whether pressing to stack solids or for use as green bedding. These roller presses are designed to be a secondary separator to make the current setup more efficient.

EYS Separator – The EYS Separator line separates manure into dry, manageable solids for stacking and transport. When used with the BeddingMaster composter, it’s designed to separate 35-38% dry matter for feeding the BeddingMaster.

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