Dairy Lane Systems (DLS) started in 1990 as a Surge and Mueller milking equipment dealer. Throughout the years DLS has expanded its scope to fully service all the major functions of a dairy farm. From the installation and servicing of automated milking systems (including robotics) and automated manure equipment, animal stabling and ventilation we do it all here at DLS! In addition, we build and service biogas plants (DLS Biogas) and also build dairy barns (DLS Structures).

At DLS we strive to deliver growth, innovation and quality solutions in every aspect of our business. For over 25 years we have experienced success by providing excellent services aimed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. DLS is proud to offer the best for our people which is why we hire people ready to grow and excel. We know our people are our greatest asset and we provide the opportunity to have a career here, not just a job!!

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