Cow Comfort

Cow Cooling System

Signs of heat stress in dairy cattle start to become noticeable around 21C. When cows start to experience heat stress they begin to eat less and milk production falls. In addition to an excellent ventilation system, heat stress can be reduced by the periodic wetting…

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DCC Waterbeds

DCC (Dual Chamber Cow) Waterbeds replaced the single-chamber waterbed in 2003 and have since provided cowswith a comfortable, durable, consistent and dry stall. The original DCC design has been further improved and fine tuned and today DCC Waterbeds offers a full line of waterbeds for…

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Foot Care

DLS offers a full line of foot care products through the GEA PediCuRx foot care management system. This is a programmable dispensing footbath system that will reduce footbath product usage and can be customized to fit your cows needs.

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Kraiburg Mats & Flooring

Cow lameness and hoof injuries can often be an issue in dairies. One effective way to help prevent this is to install flooring that provides the cows with a comfortable environment for walking and standing. Kraiburg rubber is made with the highest quality materials in…

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