24 Hour Service

We provide 24 hour, 7 days a week On Call Emergency Service to get you milking in the event of a breakdown. Our factory trained technicians are strategically located throughout our service area and equipped with well-stocked service vehicles to get you milking fast.

Preventative Maintenance

By participating in our Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Service Program, you can keep your system running at optimal levels and more importantly prevent and limit operational downtime and expensive breakdowns.

Milking Systems Analysis

We offer Milking Systems and Procedures Analysis to ensure that your equipment and employees perform to their maximum potential. Our professional Milking Systems and Procedures Analyst can review your current system and recommend changes to equipment settings and personnel milking procedures to optimize your milking center.

Facility Design

For over 25 years, we have been providing detailed barn plans for dairy facilities. Whether you are building a new facility or remodeling your milk house, lean on our extensive experience and drafting capabilities. We can provide you with simple floor plans to detailed 3D Models that leave little chance for job site interpretation. Facility Design Services are provided free of charge.

Route Supply Services

Our route supply delivery service is not limited to just delivery. Our route drivers have been in the dairy business for years, and they are well trained to make product recommendations for your operations. The route trucks are fully stocked with chemicals, teat dips, and miscellaneous parts required for the day to day operation of your dairy.

Plumbing Services

If you're in need of plumbing service for your new barn project we can provide you with our in-house plumbing service. Using our standardized plumbing system, we provide dairymen with a cost competitive, practical and serviceable system.

Installation Services

We provide the highest quality installation work for all our products. Our skilled and trained technicians take great pride in providing you with practical and aesthetically pleasing installations. Whether you are installing a new milking center or a new manure pump we insist on quality workmanship.

Fabrication Services

We perform in-house fabrication services daily to complement our jobs. If we do not carry what you need, we will build it. Whether you need a custom crowd gate or a simple hose support, we will get the job done for you. Our skilled fabricators understand dairy farming and have vast experience building numerous custom orders.

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