24 Hour Service

We provide 24 hour 7 days a week On-Call Emergency Service to get your cows milking in the event of a breakdown. Our factory-trained technicians are strategically located throughout our service area and equipped with well-stocked service vehicles to get you milking fast. 

Scheduled Service

By participating in our Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Service Program, you can keep your system running at optimal levels, and more importantly prevent, and limit operational downtime and expensive breakdowns. 

Facility Design

For over 30 years, we have been providing detailed barn plans for dairy facilities. Whether you are building a new facility or remodeling your milk house, you can lean on our extensive experience and drafting capabilities. We can provide you with simple floor plans to detailed 3D Models that leave little chance for job site interpretation. Facility Design Services are provided free of charge. 

Milk Time Analysis

Milk time analysis is performed during milking using a data collector that gets attached to two or more milking points. The data that is collected is the teat end vacuum, pulsation in real-time and the mouthpiece vacuum. The purpose of these tests is to ensure the cows are being milked quickly, gently, completely and correctly. Also, as part of the milking analysis, the people milking are monitored to ensure proper udder prep, and that appropriate cow handling occurs during milking. Our goal at DLS is to ensure that your milking facility is operating at full efficiency and that you enjoy your time milking as well as achieve optimal udder health. 

Parlour Efficiency Audits

Parlour efficiency audits are dry tests performed between milkings. These audits check that all pulsators and meters are working accurately, and within the recommended specifications for the milking liner. During this visit, the milking system will be washed, and have the chemicals tested to ensure that all of the equipment is cleaning correctly and helping to achieve, with the dairy producer, that the highest quality milk is leaving their farms. 

Route Supply Services

The route supply delivery service is not limited to just delivery. Our route drivers are both experienced and well trained in the dairy business to make product recommendations for your operations. The route trucks are fully stocked with chemicals, teat dips, and miscellaneous parts required for the day to day operation of your dairy. 

Plumbing Services

We offer in-house plumbing services for both new barn projects and renovations. Using our standardized plumbing system, we provide dairymen with a cost-competitive, practical, and serviceable system. 

IT & Network Solutions

We have the resources and skillset in place to set your farm up with a network to connect your barns, offices, and automation devices. DLS can extend the capabilities of the internet (global network), brought to you by your service provider, to provide you with a personal network. This will enable you to access the internet anywhere you need coverage around your farm, have a central storage area to access files remotely, and even allow technicians to access your automated farm equipment remotely should an issue arises. 

Camera & Security Systems

Video surveillance is becoming increasingly beneficial to report entries, see deliveries and address concerns for trespassing in Bio Secure Environments. Video surveillance can also be used to check on automated equipment, monitor your milk tank and settle disputes if something goes wrong. DLS offers complete video surveillance systems that can identify movements plus accurately identify tag numbers, license plates and faces. Call the office for a free onsite survey and quote!