Robotic Systems


The Monobox milking robot features an open, cow-friendly design with adjustable place dimensions to suit different cow sizes and breeds. There is easy access to the udder for special need cows. The new 3D camera produces faster attachment times (on average 17 – 30 seconds)….

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The MIone Robotic Milk System is one of the most revolutionary pieces of equipment in the dairy industry today. Its unique milk cluster design allows for fast attachment by bringing all four teat cups under the cow at once. The teat cups are attached in…

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The innovative GEA prototype of the DairyProQ caused quite a stir at the Euro Tier 2012 and was awarded the DLG gold medal. The DairyProQ is a continuous and efficient milking process especially suitable for large dairy farms. It fully automates each step in the…

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Moov Feed Pusher

The Moov feed pusher runs along programmed routes by following transponders that are drilled into the ground as well as a 3D orientation sensor. The combination of the transponders and 3D orientation sensor enables the feed pusher to be reliable and consistent. At the end…

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JOZ Tech

The JOZ Tech robotic barn cleaner is a fully automated robot for slotted free stall barns. This robust system enables easy programming of multiple speeds, routes and scheduled times. The robot uses patented sensor technology which prevents it from running into the cows and inanimate…

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