Calf Care Equipment

Auto Calf Feeder

Calf feeding is known to be one of the most loved or hated chores on the dairy farm, and most often the latter! Our automatic calf feeder is a revolutionary system that we believe will change how calf feeding…

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Calf Rail System

The automatic calf feeder mixed with the calf rail system has the potential to change how calf feeding is done in North America. We installed the first calf rail system in North America at Thomadale Farms, and we have seen great success with it. The…

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In today’s dairy economy it is more important than ever to raise healthy, robust calves in the most economic method possible. By installing a calf milk pasteurizer you eliminate the need to purchase milk replacer, and you help increase your…

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Bottle Washer

While great effort is put into preparing milk the right way to feed calves, it is important that the sanitation of milk bottles is maintained to a high standard as well. With our years of equipment and automation…

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