DLS carries the full line of GEA manure pumps.

Piston Pumps – Amongst the GEA Houle piston pumps, DLS primarily works with the Futuro piston pump. The Futuro is a low-energy pump equipped with robust valves. It allows the transfer of manure containing a small amount of bedding, such as sand, sawdust, wood chips, and chopped straw. The Futuro can be fitted with a hopper to collect manure from a cross-gutter cleaner or skid steer loader. It can also pump the contents of a reception pit through a suction pipe.

Also available is the GEA Houle Electromix and Magnum pumps. In addition to transferring manure to an outside pit, the Electromix system is well suited to feed a manure digestion system or a separation system. The Magnum pump specializes in transferring thicker manure that may have a higher amount of bedding.

Electric Pumps – The GEA Houle electric pump product line offers a complete and diversified range of pumps that will provide maximum performance and efficiency. Within this line, there are pumps that operate on numerous pressure and flow rates to meet the application’s needs best.

PTO Pumps – DLS offer a wide range of GEA Houle power take-off pumps to agitate and facilitate the evacuation of manure out of the storage pit.

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