The GEA R9500 milking robot features an open, cow-friendly design with adjustable place dimensions to suit different cow sizes and breeds. There is easy access to the udder for cows with special needs. A G5 Time-of-Flight (TOF) camera on the MilkRack detects the position of the cow’s teats to automatically and precisely apply the teat cups on the teats. This TOF principle allows for maximum attachment reliability in a matter of seconds.

The GEA R9500 milking robot is the only robot that performs everything in the liner – teat preparation to milking to post-dip. This in-liner feature creates the most gentle and consistent milking possible for robotic milking. A 12″ touchscreen displays all the data, and complete management and monitoring tools are available, including FarmView, a program designed to provide complete and accurate data on the daily operating costs of the GEA R9500.

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