Calf feeding is known to be one of the most loved or hated chores on the dairy farm, and most often, the latter! Keeping calves healthy and growing can be a challenge, but with the automatic calf feeder, you can program, monitor and track your calves’ performance levels. With this data, you can take preventative measures sooner. Further, every feeding will consistently stay the same, playing a significant role in keeping calves on track with their development. With this calf feeder, our customers see their calves grow faster, stronger and healthier.

The feeder can be set up in both group and individual pen scenarios. For individual pen scenario’s we sell and install the Foerster-Technik Calf Rail SystemThe automatic calf feeder mixed with the calf rail system is an innovative method to feed calves while keeping them in an isolated, contact-free environment. We installed the first calf rail system in North America in 2013 at Thomadale Farms, and we have seen great success with it. Since then, we have installed several others. 

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