The Maximus Solution is manufactured in Canada, and they are designed and supported by a team of engineers, tech support and sales with real agriculture experience. Maximus offers a versatile ventilation management solution with ventilation based on temperature, SP, Rh and CO2. It is a scalable, modular solution that can grow with your farm.

The Maximus is compatible with a weather station that can manage curtains and circulation fans based on outdoor weather conditions. For example, they can close the curtains based on wind and rain, and with the curtains open, they can turn off circulation fans to take advantage of natural wind speeds. The Maximus can be managed remotely in real-time, has robust lightening protection and is complete with a full 5-year warranty based on commissioning.

The Maximus Solution goes far beyond managing just the ventilation systems. They can manage and monitor virtually anything in your barn. To highlight a few practical examples, the Maximus Solution can manage light levels and schedules in your facility to provide optimum conditions for your cows, manage multiple manure scraper and pump systems, monitor feed delivery system and on-farm feed inventory, monitor water pressure and consumption, THI monitoring and real-time notifications, a power management program, and a Maximus dialer module can be added for a complete alarm solution. Also, for employees, the Maximus can monitor entry to the barn or milk room using card readers.

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