Jourdain Stabling

Specialty Gates


DLS has designed and manufactures several specialty gates that work well in the North American dairy barn layouts. We have run many tests and have had great on-farm success with our specialty gates. First we have our One Way Finger Gates. These have worked well in sorting scenarios such as in milking robot barns. Weve most often used them within the sorting gates for milking robot barns (GEA, Lely, and DeLaval), as well as in between the free stall area and the feed alley. Secon ?we offer a Rollover Gate. This is a handy gate to have to easily sort cows to one side of the free stalls or in their pens. As an example, the cows can be put on one side of the free stalls, and with the Rollover Gate at the crossover section you can lock the cows on one side to easily fill in bedding down the opposite side of the stalls. Third, we fabricatea Spring Bar Gate which works similar to a rail road crossing. This gate can be used for sorting and sectioning off your free stall sections when moving cows. Lastly, we offer a two bar self-centering gate that is designed for trafficking cows into and out of the holding areas of robot barns, or down the return lanes of a parlour barn specifically when leading to a sort gate. All of our specialty gates are galvanized to ensure longevity.

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