Jourdain Stabling



Jourdain has been manufacturing headlocks for over 50 years and they are the number one stabling manufacturer in the world! Our Jourdain headlocks are the quietest, most durable headlock on the market. They are built with certain features that prohibit the typical CLANK CLANK CLACK that you hear in a headlock barn. Jourdain barns promote cow comfort as they are quiet and less stressful. There is also safety features built into the Jourdain headlock that keep the cow from hurting herself. The locking system is slick and simple and you will find you save a lot of time by locking them up for herd health and pregnancy tests, as well as money as the vet will not be spending billable hours chasing after cows. Further, Jourdain manufactures their headlocks for longevity. They are made with a high-grade steel, robotically welded and hot dip galvanized. You can rest assured that when you put Jourdain headlocks in your barn they will stand strong for life. We also offer calf headlocks and several specialty headlocks including man pass headlocks, bull headlocks and insemination headlocks.

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