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The MIone Robotic Milk System is one of the most revolutionary pieces of equipment in the dairy industry today. Its unique milk cluster design allows for fast attachment by bringing all four teat cups under the cow at once. The teat cups are attached in a way that prevents them from hitting the ground, and once attached they hang under the cow naturally. The MIone ensures the highest milk quality as it’s the only robotic milking system that can test a cows milk by each quarter. Once each quarters milk is tested and deemed acceptable the milk will be transported to the milk tank. If one-quarter or multiple quarters contain milk that is deemed unacceptable only the milk from the unacceptable quarters will be diverted to the waste milk receiver. Further, it’s economical and holds a strong competitive edge as its the only AMS system that uses one application arm to serve up to five boxes. The MIone boasts the lowest operational costs of any AMS system.

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