Parlour Systems



A parabone milking parlour is a cross between a parallel and herringbone. It’s arranged at parallel spacing, however, the cows stand in herringbone fashion. The cows are placed at a greater angle from the operator (about 70 degrees) than in traditional herringbones, but less than 90 degrees as in a parallel. This configuration usually eliminates the need for front positioners as used in a parallel. The sharp angle does not expose enough of the cows body to allow milking from the side, however, procedures and equipment developed for milking between the hind legs are used. Milk lines are typically mounted as midlines or above the head of the operator resulting in a lift from the udder to milk line of about 1 meter. This is often the choice for farmers who have size restrictions, where they may have the width but are lacking in the length. Most of the time we install parabone parlours when a customer with a herringbone parlour wants to milk more cows at once in an existing building.

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