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Amongst the GEA Houle piston pumps, DLS primarily works with the Futuro piston pump. The Futuro is a low energy pump equipped with robust valves. It allows transfer of manure containing a small amount of bedding, such as sawdust, wood chips, chopped straw and sand. The Futuro can be fitted with a hopper to collect manure from a cross-gutter cleaner or skid steer loader. It can also pump the contents of a reception pit by means of a suction pipe. Also available is the GEA Houle Electromix and Magnum pumps. In addition to transferring manure to an outside pit, the Electromix system is well suited to feed a manure digestion system or a separation system. The Magnum pump is geared towards transferring thicker manure that may have a greater amount of bedding.

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