Calf Care Equipment



In todays dairy economy, it’s more important than ever to raise healthy, robust calves in the most economic method possible. By installing a calf milk pasteurizer, you eliminate the need to purchase milk replacer, and you help increase your calves health and growth rate. For producers who currently feed non-pasteurized waste milk, it’s a great time to make a change that will result in a healthier herd for the future. With affordable, well built, and easy-to-use equipment, Westwaard pasteurizers can be a great tool to increase the profitability of your dairy. We offer pasteurizers in various sizes ranging from 20 gallons to 250 gallons.

The Control Center Assembly comes with the pasteurizer and allows integration to the large agitated batch tank. It does all the tie-ins between tank and boilers or hot water heaters. It’s typically used for connection with a 300 to 800-gallon batch tank.

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