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Trevor Teather

Joined DLS August 2017

Trevor started in the fab shop as a MIG welder, and his manager, Jake Rath had him do quite a bit of “character building” to prepare him for upcoming growth. When we asked Jake what that meant, he said, “That’s what we call getting a lot of unfavourable jobs! Trevor had a lot of these and always did them without complaint, which is why he is now a Team Leader.”

Prior to being here, Trevor worked at a couple of small automotive shops and a diesel shop out of high school. The job he had before coming here was at a car dealership in London changing oil. He had an automotive mechanic apprenticeship until he decided welding was much more up his alley.

When not working, Trevor still enjoys turning a wrench and works on vehicles for family and friends. He also has a motorcycle and enjoys going out for a ride! Trevor is proud to say he bought his first house shortly after turning 20! That was a good move, with the real estate market what it is today!!

In the future, Trevor plans to challenge the welding exam and gain his journeyman ticket. He hopes to continue learning and developing his skills on the manufacturing side of DLS and eventually work his way into a management position.


Dublin, ON

den Hertog Dairy Farms

A new calf facility is being constructed at den Hertog Dairy Farms. Plumbing work has started and Jourdain octoposts are set.

Monkton, ON

Windulan Holsteins

The 50 stall GEA rotary is progressing well here. All the rotary bales are in place and the rotary platform now has concrete.

Thorndale, ON

O’Neil Farms

We’re in the beginning stages at O’Neil Farms upcoming D-10 parallel parlour project with a 4 row free stall barn. They will be transitioning from a tie stall barn.

New LED Udder Lighting!

Looking to brighten things up in the parlour? Check out this parlour accessory that can be easily added underneath your cabinets!

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