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DLS is pleased to welcome the following people to the Dairy Lane team:

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Steve Gare

Dairy Equipment Installation Technician
Joined DLS December 1990

Steve is our most tenured employee with 30 years and counting at DLS! He started working with dairy equipment in 1988 with the previous Surge and Mueller dealership, and he transitioned into a DLS employee when Bill and Glenda van Logtenstein purchased the company and started DLS. Steve has always worked in the installation and service aspects of the company.

Prior to being here, he worked in construction and gave factory work a try, but clearly, that was not his calling!

When he’s not at work, Steve enjoys camping, fishing and playing guitar.
Steve’s future plan is to continue doing what he’s doing and continue improving the DLS products.

He’s also looking forward to retirement someday! Home improvements are also something he continually finds himself doing. There are always challenges when you take on these projects, and he says he’s come across many! It seems he’s always working on improving something at home and at work!


Arthur, ON

Laros Farms

An upcoming D-10 parallel parlour and tunnel ventilated dairy barn!

Monkton, ON

Windulan Holsteins

The 50 stall GEA rotary started up on June 1!

Hague, SK

Foth Ventures

DLS automatic post dipper installed for this rotary!

DLS Parlour Fabrication Process

Check out our parlour stall fabrication process in our new dedicated DLS fabrication facility!

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