Employee Announcements

DLS is pleased to welcome the following people to the Dairy Lane team:

Employee Spotlight

Matt Davies

Warehouse/Yard Attendant
Joined DLS October 2020

Matt’s a relatively new employee who’s been working with DLS in the yard and warehouse for the past 5 months. He has had a diverse working background prior to working here, including working as a plumbing assistant and working for Pepsi doing full-service vending.

Matt comes from a family of 5 and is the youngest with 2 sisters and 2 brothers. He likes to partake in any and all watersports when he’s not working, from boating and tubing to fishing. Put him near water, and he’s a happy guy!!!

After having experience at DLS in the warehouse, Matt has ambitions to help build a barn from start to finish to round out his understanding of the business. He feels that would increase his knowledge in the warehouse to see the “big picture”! Seeing how things go together would help him better comprehend how the parts work and ensure parts are always picked and sent to the job site accurately. Matt also has an interest in welding.

In the future, Matt desires to go back to school and take business courses (sales) on a part-time basis.


Woodstock, ON

View Hill Holsteins

The barn addition at View Hill Holsteins is progressing well with the pack area all set up with cows and the rest of the barn stabling in progress. On the exterior, DLS curtains are installed.

Southwest Middlesex, ON

Macksvilla Farms

Congratulations to the Tower family at Macksvilla Farms on a successful startup on March 22. The cows transitioned from their rotary parlour to 3 GEA R9500 robots. The old rotary is getting pulled out to create calving pens.

Thedford, ON

Van Engelen Dairy

Congratulations to the Van Engelen family on moving into their new DLS Structure, complete with DLS curtains, DLS X-brace panel fans, Jourdain stabling and GEA manure equipment! They now have two DLS Structures side by side. The cows walk across the first DLS Structure to be milked in their existing parlour.

Easy Swing Brush = Comfortable Cows

Cows love the Easy Swing brush! From “The Head & Neck Scratch” to “The Bum Itch,” “The Full Swing,” and “The Comeback,” the Easy Swing brush is a simple, inexpensive solution to provide your cows with more comfort. We have sizes for heifers and calves too.

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