La Buvette Water Troughs

Energy Free Watering Solutions


Looking to save on hydro while still preventing your waterers from freezing Our energy free drinkers are well insulated and kept frost free for up to -30C. To keep them running efficiently we recommend having around 20 head per ball and we offer a one, two and four ball drinker. The one and two hole energy drinkers have a flow rate of 36 LPM, and they hold 40 and 75 litres of water respectfully. The four hole energy drinker has a flow rate of 72 LPM and holds 180 litres of water.

Barn Talk Cows with collars.


October 20, 2017

On Thursday Dec 14, take the day to join us for this exciting car tour with 6 of our customers! The car tour features farms with ranging herd sizes, and both retrofit…

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