Stabling Systems


Jourdain has been manufacturing headlocks for over 50 years and they are the number one stabling manufacturer in the world! Our Jourdain headlocks are the quietest, most durable headlock on the market. They are built with certain features that prohibit the typical CLANK CLANK CLACK…

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Gates & Panels

Jourdain has established themselves as the number one stabling manufacturer in the world by making high-quality products that last. Through Jourdain, we offer numerous style gates to fit your desired set-up. Whether they are for separating free stall sections, pens, gates with man passages or…

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Free Stalls

The Jourdain free stall loop shapes are designed for cow comfort. They are sturdy and adjustable in height and width. We have set-ups for all applications and bedding materials. Whether its mats or a form of deep bedding we have reliable and proven mounting methods….

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Feed Fronts

While we would always recommend headlocks, especially for cows, we have other options for producers looking for a different alternative. First we have a Feed Rail System geared towards heifers and cows. We use a 2 3/8 pipe with a 3/16 wall that can mount…

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Specialty Gates

DLS has designed and manufactures several specialty gates that work well in the North American dairy barn layouts. We have run many tests and have had great on-farm success with our specialty gates. First we have our One Way Finger Gates. These have worked well…

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Polystall Premium Watering Solutions

These stainless steel wall mounted drinkers come in a single or double access waterer to best suit the application. It features a yellow double walled polyethylene door, synthetic valve with a 32 LPM flow rate, adjustable water level and an inward folded non-spill edge. The…

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Stainless Steel Tip and Drain Troughs

We offer a 60 and 90 stainless steel trough that can either be mounted to the wall or to the floor via an optional hot dip galvanized leg mounting set. This unit is available in both tipping and dry hands draining styles to best suit…

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Polyethylene (PE) & PE/Stainless Steel Troughs

When it comes to finding a larger water trough for your barn we have several styles to choose from. First is the Multi 220, at about 7.5 this trough has a double walled layer of high-density polyethylene. It has a flow rate of 36 LPM…

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Pen & Tie Stall Watering Solutions

Depending on the application we have several smaller sized waterer options geared towards pen and tie stall set-ups.

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Energy Free Watering Solutions

Looking to save on hydro while still preventing your waterers from freezing Our energy free drinkers are well insulated and kept frost free for up to -30C. To keep them running efficiently we recommend having around 20 head per ball and we offer a one,…

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La Buvette Footbath

The polyethylene footbath is designed to help prevent and cure hoof problems. Its about 5.25 long and 2.75 wide. The separation in the middle of the footbath prevents the cows from taking bigger steps and forces them to put their foot down in the first…

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Barn Talk Cows with collars.


October 20, 2017

On Thursday Dec 14, take the day to join us for this exciting car tour with 6 of our customers! The car tour features farms with ranging herd sizes, and both retrofit…

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