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The Monobox milking robot features an open, cow-friendly design with adjustable place dimensions to suit different cow sizes and breeds. There is easy access to the udder for special need cows. The new 3D camera produces faster attachment times (on average 17 – 30 seconds). The Monobox is the only robot that performs everything in the liner – teat preparation to milking to post-dip. This creates the most gently and consistent milking possible for robotic milking. A 12″ touchscreen displays all the data and complete management and monitoring tools are available including FarmView, a program designed to provide complete and accurate data on the daily operating costs of the Monobox.

Barn Talk Cows with collars.

Branding dairy for todays consumer

October 20, 2017

On Thursday Dec 14, take the day to join us for this exciting car tour with 6 of our customers! The car tour features farms with ranging herd sizes, and both retrofit…

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