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DCC Waterbeds


DCC (Dual Chamber Cow) Waterbeds replaced the single-chamber waterbed in 2003 and have since provided cowswith a comfortable, durable, consistent and dry stall. The original DCC design has been further improved and fine tuned and today DCC Waterbeds offers a full line of waterbeds for different applications. DLS primarily focuses on the ISO bed, which is named for having two isolated water chambers. This waterbed offers even more cushion for the cows knees as she drops to the laying position and floats the cows pressure points with even more consistency. The original DCC Waterbeds design allows the water inside to slowly transfer between two chambers whereas the ISO bed has two isolated water chambers for producers who desire even more cushion and consistency. DCC Waterbeds are backed with a 10 year limited warranty and a 15-20 year life expectancy rating.

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